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1 Day Cross Border Matchmaker Expo 2024

2 Days Conference Access, Presentations and Networking

2 Days Catered Lunch

2 Days After Party

Half Day VIP Mastermind Session

VIP Dinner with the Speakers

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Don't just take our word for it - see what past attendees have to say about their experience at our events. From the quality of speakers to the networking opportunities, our attendees have been raving about their time at our conferences. Read on to see how the Cross Border Summit has helped them grow their businesses, expand their horizons, and make lasting connections.
"Cross Border Summit 2023 was truly amazing! Mike and the team delivered an awesome event in Changai, Thailand, with top speakers sharing invaluable strategies for e-commerce success. I highly recommend checking out Cross Border Summit; it's truly awesome!"
Zach Benson
"It was such a good event, so well organized. It really felt like a tribe; like everyone was connected. Great! Everyone had really good conversations because it wasn't just presentations. You had the facilitation of the workshops and all of that stuff. I mean, we had such good conversations. I learned a lot just being, you know, from the other speakers and all the sellers and stuff like that. It was awesome."
Chris Rawlings
"It was great to have representation from both the supply side and the selling side all combined into one. The Cross Border Summit was awesome this year with the theme 'Open Borders, New Beginnings.' It was an East Meets West event. I think it was great to have perspectives from both sides, especially after coping with the fragility of the supply chain.
"It's a good opportunity to meet many experts in the field of e-commerce and cross-border trading, to expand my own personal knowledge, as well as meeting potential clients, partners, and colleagues in the industry. So, I think I'm coming back next year as well."
Catherine Qian
"Although we're pretty experienced sellers on Amazon, this conference has been amazing; we've gotten a lot of really good tips that we can right away implement in our business, and I think it's going to help us grow a lot. So, super excited to be here."
"These kinds of events are very insightful and they help a lot of other sellers. It's the first time in Southeast Asia, so it's easier for us to come, especially for people like me for whom traveling is difficult. It's a very good opportunity, so I'm very, very happy and thankful."
"The content is well-prepared. I'm not an Amazon person, but I could learn, and also other things related, so it's good to know about e-commerce in general, and then more about products and people that are making big results in the e-commerce field. So I'm very happy to attend this suumit."
"It's been fantastic; the quality of speakers has been amazing. A lot of Amazon focus but also general e-commerce stuff, and even some Instagram and social media. Anybody who's thinking of attending the Cross Border Summit, maybe for 2024, I highly recommend it. I'm definitely going to be buying my ticket again today to attend next year."
David Caruso
"It's my first time at the Cross Border Summit, and it's been amazing. The intimate setting lets you engage with speakers and attendees, while still meeting new faces. Highly recommend attending next year; it's a must"
Benjamin Smith
"I've really enjoyed the Cross Border Summit; all of the speakers have been great. I've been enjoying learning more about PPC because we've been on Amazon for about the last 10 years and really trying to increase our return on investment for pay-per-click ads on Amazon as it's rapidly changing. So that's been very exciting to learn."
"The first day of the Cross Border Summit was amazing, especially the VIP moment where we connected with insightful individuals. The conference was great for generating new ideas and sharing experiences, which often leads to valuable connections and assistance."

"I’m Vicky and I’m from YKS Group.

My company is a cross border ecommerce business in China. It is my first time in Cross border Summit. First of all it is a great chance to know the different people from different countries. A good chance to know what foreign people think of China."


“I’m Rolands from Taiwan doing different b2b ecommerce trade. Here I’m get a lot of actionable information. The information is really that good that I missed the after party yesterday. I went to the hotel and implemented the ideas. Like Brian Tracy said is that you take action.

The Cross Border Summit has actionable ideas – that is the biggest takeaway.

We had a great time with everyone this week! Thank you to the whole GFA team for putting together a fantastic event overflowing great content, awesome humans, and tons of fun!

The Cross Border Summit is an excellent event because it’s really really packed with a lot of information, a lot of Amazon sellers, e-commerce guys, banking and logistics people are there. Anything to get your business going or if your running your business for a few years now, you can learn new stuff because these people always have a tip or two to give you.

It’s a really good experience. I’ve been to a couple of Cross Border Summits and I’m looking forward to the next one.

"I'm a start-up right now and I want to start my own online business and going to that summit, it really helped me to understand what steps do I need to take and I found really nice context of every person who can lead me during these steps. It was really valuable information for me. I will come this year and I really look forward to talking to some people and listen to some speech. This is also nice event where you can learn some new tricks and be updated about online techniques and online industry in general."
"Okay, so we've had a brilliant day here at CBM, and thanks to all the speakers, it's been fantastic. There's been a massive amount of learning and a generous sharing of knowledge. I have learned so much, and I'm looking forward to putting it into practice."
"What you get from the event is a diverse range of different speakers from around the world, as well as attendees. What I got most out of it was the networking during the event. I managed to create a lot of business opportunities as well as friends, which can be very important when you're doing business in China. So I find it hugely invaluable. Apart from that, I would recommend you attend next year's event."
Kai Law
"Thank you so much Michael for the invitation! I met some very cool people and it was great pleasure being here."

“Hi I’m Daniel, Singapore Amazon Ecommerce Seller. First time at CBS 2018. Excited to be here – Mike with me – asked me to say some words. 

The event is great. Amount of content for the any ecommerce seller should come here, experience the content, the food, teh event. I have nothing but great words for Mike and his team and the amount of hard work they put into this event, see you at next year’s CBS 2019.”


"I'm Nick, an Amazon Seller and attendee on Cross Border Summit 2018.

If you are interested specifically business in China, this is the right place for you. It’s actually worth your money.”

“Best conference ever”
Marc Roca, President of Alpha Rock Capital
Excellent event, huge success! Thank you Mike, Mark, April, Wendy and everyone else for your hard work.
Mikkel Thorup
"This guy has been building community alongside @startupsgba for years in the Mainland China e-commerce sector - he is an inspiration to me as he blogs, vlogs, authors books and hosts his own conference in this space. The best part of building global communities is meeting and working alongside others doing the same thing doing whatever it takes to grow, build and nurture."
Casey Lau
"My mind is literally spinning after two days at the Crossborder Summit in Guangzhou for Amazon sellers. So much insights, hacks and entrepreneurs that went through hardship sharing their learnings. After 8 years of cross-border trade and logistics still plenty to learn. Big thanks to Michael Michelini and the Global From Asia team for the invite and opportunity to learn from the best! You gave me proximity to a new audience. Some short interviews with several speakers will be uploaded on China Business Cast soon by yours truly."
Simon de Raadt (西蒙) China Expert | Cross-Border E-Commerce | Speaker | Sourcing | Logistics
“I’m really glad that I attended the Cross Border Summit 2019 in Guangzhou! I just don't know Micheal Michelini was able to bring so many experts from all over the world and of different sectors of the "FBA industry". I learned a lot! Met inspiring and highly knowledgeable people! And got a ton of value out of it! Thank you so much Mike and his team! I'll be there next year!”
FlorianEuropean Amazon Seller
“I attended Cross Border Summit in 2019. They have wonderful speakers and I learnt a great deal of knowledge on e-commerce and FBA. Mike did a great job inviting high quality experts to the summit. I made alot of new friends and potential business partners through the session. This is of great value and I strongly recommend anyone who is into e-commerce, regardless whether you are from Asia or the west, to come to the summit”.
JeffreyBrand owner in Singapore
I’d like to thank Michael Michelini for the opportunity too speak about Amazon Europe at his Cross Border Summit in Guangzhou, China this week. It was great to see old friends, make many new ones & learn strategies from some of the smartest Amazon and cross border eCommerce experts in the world. I look forward to connecting with many of you again in a month at Sellers World Bangkok!
John Cavendish
"You did a great job Michael, bringing over a lot of top speakers from around the globe. Each were very knowledgeable about E-commerce and gave a lot of detailed information. Congratulations on your successful event in Guangzhou. Thanks for inviting me, and I hope to cover some of your future events."
[呲牙][强] James ChaneChinese Video Blogger Influencer

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